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The SlumberPod Solution

No need to spend money on room darkening curtains, blinds, or putting unattractive black garbage bags on your window to make your child’s room darker, only for light to still peek through the sides or top.  The SlumberPod is your one-stop solution to enhance melatonin production, and get your child sleeping well. 

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World Sleep Day

Q: Wait. There’s a “World Sleep Day?”  Yes indeed, there absolutely is, and it’s Friday, March 18. It may not have the recognition that some other “days” enjoy, but it’s a bit of a big deal to us in the sleep expert community. It typically falls right after the World Sleep Congress, which is a

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How to Tell if Baby Is Ready For One Nap

Is Your Baby Ready to Drop to One Nap? The plus side – This can be a nice transition because instead of two shorter naps, you get one long nap in the middle of the afternoon.  It makes planning your day easier and opens up your morning.  You can also get a lot done or

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Help! My Child Keeps Coming Out of Their Room at Bedtime!

It is common for toddlers and preschoolers to test boundaries in all areas of life, but particularly around bedtime.  Potty training can also cause some boundary pushing.   If night after night, your child is saying they have to go to the bathroom when it’s time for bed, and they already went during the routine,

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