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The Importance of Naptime Routine

We always hear about the importance of bedtime routines, but setting up a short nap time routine is just as important.   Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, did an informal study of 60 infants, where he compared their temperament in relation to the hours of sleep they had during a

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Keeping Your Toddler From Leaving Their Room

Picture this:  It has been a long day and you are really looking forward to bedtime so you can just sit and relax.  You tuck your toddler in, kiss him goodnight, then walk out of his bedroom.  Next, you pour a glass of wine, grab some popcorn and hit play on your Netflix show.  This

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Sharing a Hotel Room With Your Baby

When my son was a baby, there was a period of time that we did not travel just to avoid messing up his sleep.  Pretty crazy, right?!  We had come such a long way to get him sleeping well, that I worried traveling would mess everything up.  I would do anything to avoid going back

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Back to School Sleep

Schools are opening in some capacity and whether your child is learning virtually, homeschooling, or attending in-person, making sleep a priority is critical. So much growth and development occurs while children are sleeping because growth hormones are secreted during periods of sleep.  Sleep helps boost the immune system.  While we sleep, our bodies produce infection

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Help! My Toddler Just Climbed Out of the Crib!

There are two types of toddlers in this world: The crib climbers The non-crib climbers If you have a non-crib climber,  keep that toddler in the crib as long as you can (at least wait until 2.5/3 years).  Why?  Most younger toddlers do not have the impulse control to stay in their bed all night. 

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